On June 29, 2018, the Wayne County Community College District and the WCCCD Institute for Social Progress presented the Detroit Urban Summit III Conference. The WCCCD has made available a recording of the conference.

The Urban Summit III featured five different panels with nearly 30 nationally renowned speakers who are leaders in their fields of education, policy, literature, civic engagement, and more. Speakers included notable figures such as Maya Wiley, Leonard Pitts Jr., john powell, Randall Robinson, and several others. This conference was the third in a series of national summits focusing on enduring issues that disproportionately affect urban America, and related U.S. politics and policy around education. The summit extended the scope of addressing issues of economic inequality, mass incarceration, and significant related issues, in order to consider critical area of integration, civic engagement, and educational equity in advancing the project of American Democracy.

To view the summit in its entirety, please utilize the playback video below.